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Spencer's Story

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Spencer's Story

Dogs that need homes…

May 21st, 2012 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

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Well, I have been really hanging around Petfinder lately.  Trying to think about what we are looking for in another dog.  For now, I thought that I’d post links to tripawds that I find there just to give them a little more visibility.  I have also been posting these in the rescue forum on the tripawds site; but I figure every little bit of visibility can help.

Journey – 8 years old Airedale mix:,,20592755,00.html?xid=icanhas  and the petfinder page


Curly – young shih tzu mix:


Pepper – young lab mix:



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  • Dakota Dawg

    It’s kind of funny that many of us don’t know how to act without a 3-legged dog in the house. I know I’ve felt the same way. I still have my tripawd, but I can’t imagine having nothing but quadpawds now.

    I do miss having a dog I can take on long walks or hikes, though. I have 2 dogs that are not good candidates for that. Dakota just can’t do it and Evelyn is a bulldog, and bulldogs aren’t built for hikes. Sometimes I think I need to borrow a high-energy dog for a hiking partner.

    Whenever the time is right to add to your pack, I hope Spencer guides the process. I hope that whoever he sends your way makes your beautiful children just as happy as Spencer did. You all deserve to have that again.


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