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Spencer's Story

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Spencer's Story

First some catchup

February 28th, 2012 · No Comments · Uncategorized

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I had planned to blog this week.  So, many of you already know that Spencer didn’t make it; but first I’m going to c&p from the tripawds forum from the weekend:


This one was Friday, 2/24/12:

When responding to another post I realized that today is Spencer’s 6 month ampuversary!!!  He is still hopping along, doesn’t even seem to know he is sick.  Last week he finished his 3rd round of carboplatin for the lung mets, so we are half way done with this chemo.  The oncologist said at that appointment he still can’t even hear any problems in Spencer’s lungs from the mets.  In 2 weeks he gets an x-ray to see what is happening and to decide if we will finish out the other 3 treatments.

I’m still amazed by how great he is doing.  I have been hesitant to make future plans because for us right now, some things hinge on how he is doing.  We had originally planned to go to DC/Williamsburg, VA for spring break (in April); but then weren’t sure if we would do it if he wasn’t up for the trip.  Now I feel sure he will be good for it and I’m having a hard time finding a vacation rental house that allows dogs.  But we will camp if we have to!laughing  I’m just so excited that he is doing so great!!


A little later that day I posted about wondering what we would do after chemo:

Spencer finished his 15 weeks of chemo on 12/22 and then started the new chemo (this time carboplatin for the lung mets) on 1/6.  We are now halfway through the carboplatin (6 treatments, one every 3 weeks).  When this first started, the odds were so stacked against him even making it to the end of the treatment that I didn’t ask what happens after.  But now I’m optimistic again.  Assuming the mets are still there (one can dream that they aren’t, right wink), after that last treatment… what then?  If he is still doing great like he is for now, I don’t think I’ll want to stop doing whatever we can to slow this down.  At that point do we do a different chemo?  Stop and just let what happens happen?  (I’ll ask in 2 weeks when we go in; but I’m just thinking about it now…)

I’d love any been there, done that advice from someone who’s dog has finished the chemo for lung mets and still was doing great (as I”m hoping Spencer will be doing in 8 weeks).

I was sooooo optimistic.  Being completely honest, I had started to convince myself that Spencer was going to be here for Christmas 2012, that he was going to do a road trip to CO with us today.  He seemed SO healthy.

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