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Spencer's Story

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Spencer's Story

Carboplatin treatment #3

February 17th, 2012 · 6 Comments · Uncategorized

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Spencer went in for his 3rd treatment with the new chemo today.  So this means basically 7 weeks since we found out the cancer had moved to his lungs.

The oncologist said they still don’t hear anything in his lungs.  Spencer is still up for hikes with us at the cabin (though he takes a long nap afterwards).  He still loves running down to the bus stop and back to get the kids after school.  And he still loves playing with his buddies from next door any time they are all 3 out at the same time.  (Today I called him in and all 3 of them tried to come in the door with their muddy, muddy paws!)

He isn’t eating as well as normal.  He doesn’t seem to like his dog food anymore.  This started about a week ago.  He’ll eat it if I sprinkle shredded cheese on it, or mix in canned food.  And he must not be starving – he actually gained nearly 4 pounds in the last 3 weeks!  (so I’m going to have to watch what he is eating – don’t want him getting too big since that makes things harder on him in the long run.)

He had thrown up the day of chemo the last few times, so today they gave him an anti nausea injection and so far it seems to have worked.

Before his next treatment they will do x-rays to see what is happening with his cancer.  I’m cautiously optimistic.

One super sad day recently was when Spencer was coughing some during the day (allergies).  Our oldest daughter was crying at bed time and when I asked her she said that she had heard Spencer coughing and she was afraid he was going to die  in the middle of the night.  🙁  I assured her that Spencer was mostly FINE, that the problem was allergies and not the cancer and that Spencer would be eagerly waiting for her to wake up.  We agreed that if she cleans her room, I will buy a pink dog bed for her room and Spencer can sleep in there if he wants (we shall see if he goes along with this – he normally will sleep in whatever room I’m in).

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  • zeuspod

    Glad to hear that Spencer is holding steady for now! As hard as this has been on me and Greg, I cannot imagine having children who must deal with this. Good luck with the next x-rays!

  • maximutt

    Max gave us some issues with food also at one point. We started making some homemade food to add in to his regular meals, and that seemed to work for him. There’s a bunch of homemade recipes on the forums. Good luck with your new protocol, and please keep us updated on Spencer’s progress! Sending positive thoughts to you and your family!

  • Lylee Girl

    How wonderful! A pink bed for Spencer to sleep with your daughter – so precious. Maybe you’ll have to sleep with them so he’ll stay in her room; a family pack cuddle 🙂
    Sending good energy for the next xrays!
    Joanne & Lylee

  • Dakota Dawg

    I’m just happy that Spencer is doing well and engaged with the kids and being as normal as he can possibly be. You daughter is an empathetic soul; I hope Spencer will accommodate her and sleep on his pink bed in her room!

    Do whatever you have to do to keep the wheels turning smoothly (whatever you’ve been doing!) and Spencer will keep on enjoying his family. Here’s hoping and praying that he has a very long time left to watch over your family.


  • jerry

    The food thing is tricky but just keep trying new combos, you’ll figure it out and Spencer will LOVE being spoiled rotten like that.

    We have our paws crossed for good news.

  • Michael

    Thanks for the website .My best frined Hunter had his left front leg amputated January4, 2010. He is doing great .. he was hit by a car and had major nerve damage and a broke elbow ..It is nice to read about all the tripawds ..they are truly all special .He is part collie and weighs about 80 lbs He is 3 years old I think he will now be a house dog ..he has adjusted well to staying inside I was so nervous about the surgery .It has all turned out well ..Had to get more stitches night before last .about 4 inches in the middle of the incision did not heal good and gapped open 10 more days and maybe all the stitches and staples will be out

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