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Spencer's Story

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Spencer's Story

Back at the cabin.

January 14th, 2012 · 8 Comments · Uncategorized

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The kids, Spencer and I got to the cabin tonight.  He was SO excited when we got off of the main road onto the curvy backroad.  Then he could hardly contain his excitement once we turned off onto the gravel road that leads to our place.  It has been 2.5 weeks since we have been up here and everyone is so happy to be back.  🙂  Tomorrow we plan to go for a hike around the lake with Spencer.  We figure we need to do this while he is still up to it.  And I’ll be taking LOTS of pictures!!

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8 Comments so far ↓

  • GerrysMom

    Hooray!!! Have a great time, Spencer. And milk the extra attention you’re going to get for all it’s worth 🙂

  • etgayle

    what a great adventure!!! can’t wait for the pictures – hope you capture each and every memory!!

    charon & spirit gayle

  • rumblesmom

    Have a wonderful time!

  • riosmom

    I’m so glad you are having adventures and doing lots of special things with Spencer. These memories will be so precious to you. We can’t wait to see the pictures! Rio and the Monkey-twins think Spencer is very handsome!

    Micki and Rio

  • Leslie

    Sounds like so much fun. Can’t wait to see pictures!

  • Dakota Dawg

    I think it’s a great sign of how Spencer feels that he got so excited about his trip. He can’t tell you with words, but if you had any doubt as to how he was feeling, it sounds like he put that to rest! Hopefully he will get to do all the fun stuff he loves this weekend. I will cross my fingers and Dakota’s paws that you have delightfully cooperative weather! Looking forward to pictures!


  • doggiemomma9

    Yeah for Spencer! Yeah for hikes! Wishing you all a great time and we can’t wait for those pics!!!

  • Bethany

    Well, we are one-week into tripawdness with our 9+ year old Scottie, Duncan. I cnaont believe I’m saying this, but we are SO very very glad that we had the surgery done. Duncan had a neural sheath tumor on his front leg, and as we struggled to get it diagnosed, we watched him diminish from the super-fierce perro fuerte that he had always been into a sad, lethargic little man. The thing that broke my heart the most was the week before the surgery when I saw him hobble-running down the backyard. I thought, That’s the most I’ve seen him move in weeks! Of course, turns out he was chasing a skunk (2009 Record Skunks : 2 / Duncan : 0) Ah well, it at least told us there was still life left in him, if we could just get him feeling better.We were heart-broken to make the decision to amputate his leg. That’s the thing with our babies we wrack up immense guilt at making tough decisions for them, second-guessing whether they would agree with it if they could. The research we did, though, led us to sites like this where we found encouragement and hope that all would turn out well, and so far, it has!He is now the most adorable little 3-legged Scottie we’ve ever seen (parental bias? maybe a bit!). He gets along very well, and his spunk and happiness is coming back in droves. The way he does a little one-armed hop for cookies now is impossibly cute. We agree that we would much rather have a happy tripawd than have him whole in body but broken in spirit from pain and sickness.I hardly consider us experts, but my one piece of advice to anyone else going through this is this: Consult the medical professionals, take comfort from the wonderful folks who run sites like this, listen to your heart, and make your decision without looking back. And once you do, shed your tears and beat your breast but not where your baby can see. Let him have your love, encouragement, and praise every step of the way. It will help you both get through it emotionally whole and lift you up as you both take your first wobbly steps into a brave new world.With gratitude, Alisa, Jeff, & Super-Duncan

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