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Spencer's Story

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Spencer's Story

small update

December 30th, 2011 · 6 Comments · Uncategorized

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I didn’t get to talk to our vet today; but he did leave me a long message.  I’m hoping to call back and catch him tomorrow.

The oncologist looked over everything and thinks that the 3 masses are the lymph nodes.  We don’t know if they are swollen from him fighting off infection (he did have the infection on his other side after the amputation…) or if it is cancer.  I keep reminding myself that they removed the next 2 lymph nodes when they did the amputation and both of those came back clean.  Hopefully this is just residual of infections.  The oncologist wants to get him in for an ultrasound and needle aspirate.  On the message he said it could wait until next week.  I don’t think he realizes that I won’t be back until the NEXT week.  So I’m going to find out tomorrow if I should have my friend Maris or my brother take him in (both have offered, hopefully scheduling could work with one of them).  I’ll let you know what happens.

Thanks for all of the kind words!

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6 Comments so far ↓

  • AbbysMom

    Fingers and paws crossed here that it’s just minor infection-related swelling!

    Sending out good pawsitive thoughts (and kisses from Abby for that handsome Spencer!),
    Jackie, Abby’s mom

  • anjl

    Gosh. Spencer you sure know how to keep people excited and guessing! We will say another prayer for you and send your peeps good thoughts!

  • etgayle

    good that you have folks to help you out – paws crossed that this is infection and can be addressed with medication. bless your hearts, this is just tough, tough, tough!!!!

    charon & spirit gayle

  • kviz

    Keeping paws crossed for Spencer!

  • jerry

    Hey Spencer, our paws are definitely crossed. Aspirate those suckers and show ’em that it’s nothing to worry about OK? Then you and your folks can take it easy and rest from all of the worry.

    Keep us posted.

  • Lorie

    The surgery went fine. Feeding tube is in.Achilles is not very engeretic no energy due to virtually no food for 4 days, depressed, tired from the surgery .. any or all these reasons.Dr gave him some food- babyfood, yogurt & kaopectate. He threw up some, then had a dose of centrine and kept food down. So this is good.Hoping food will increase his strength.Dr will check him again later tonight. He’ll be taking the ulcer meds too, so hopefully get his belly back in order. (then on to helping the kidneys . )Thank you everybody for prayers, pawsitive energy, support and encouragement. You are all PAWESOME!!!!big hugs,loveJanet and Achilles

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